Saturday, November 3, 2007

gooooo ravenclaw!

Well it finally happened, not enough sleep has definately caught up with me and that scratchy throat I had this morning has spiralled into swallen glands and a head ache : (

So its a short day as I spent the last part of it sleeping, I began by visiting the markets, everyone one was out despite the chilly morning air as I went about collecting bits of food for the week. Grabbing another Cinabun, I sampled the ladies spelt bread, lamenting about the fact I was only staying for a quarter "people always fall in love with North Cal"!

I also grabbed some fresh OJ and a punet of dates, then saying hi to my friends at Cha, made myself comfortable in my favourite corner to do some readinga whilst enjoying a orange cooler with pearls and sour mango, then later a wonton soup. Giving up after 50 pages or so I moved on to Fed Ex to grab the rest of my readings (there was a mix up so they had to do them when I got there...more reading ~sigh~).

After stoping by golden spoon for a large serving of yoghurt I made sure to drop my borrowed book back at Alakazam, then grabbing warm turkish bread and some other groceries from Traders (as well as a nice environmentally friendly traders bag) I headed to Albertsons to buy some things for my Art sculpture - the theme is hygiene (and its an expensive one too)

The rest of the walk was a struggle as I had over estimated how much I could carry, but arrived home none the less, I even passed a game of quidditch along the way (no joke, they had the rungs up an everything)

"Ok guys remember, we're smarter than everyone else...hands in.....goooooOOOOOO RAVENCLAW!"

Back in the dorm I sampled all my groceries (can't help myself) then went upstairs to study. As the afternoon wore on, my thoughts of heading to the gym evaporated, the essay I was working on taking away my last bit of strength and finally, unable to swallow, I hit the sack (not before I nice catch up with the fam).

waking up again at 7 I headed downstairs for some hot water and honey, then watching a little bit of men and black I said goodbye to the guys heading out for dinner and came back to the room, looks like its an early bed

fingers crossed I feel better in the morning

over and out.

My new traders Bag!


Anthony said...


(That's a really bodgy comment I know: you can apply it to whichever part of your entry you feel it needs to go after)

Lel said...

Better than nothing : p

although I don't think its charming that
I'm sick...that bit kinda sucks : (

Anthony said...

Nope, there's a distinct lack of charm with that...that's just not fair. :<