Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Gecko is definately from England


I know, I shouldn't be up past midnight but I figured you only turn 21 once so I better ring it in big...by big I mean screaming it out and doing a little jig (much to Sanda's surprise). Today was pretty good, I tried my market bought multi grain bread which was really tasty, then it was yogurt and fruit and a paroose on the net to check emails and blogs for early birthday wishes. It was at this moment that I realised the real reason I keep joining clubs for awaiting me in my inbox were a fair few automated birthday well wishes. Getting dressed and ready with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and a skip in the ol'step I walked to uni to see Chris and after an hour of venting I toddled of to University Centre for my usual serve of yogurt, a toasty eggplant/ chicken sandwich and a good sit in Cha sipping slowly at my taro tea and having a chat with one of the girls from live nudes, (she really liked my drawing, and wants to put them in the program for this week...better get cracking).

She left me alone to draw for another half hour or so then getting a little hot I said goodbye and finished drawing at EAP, catching up on thanksgiving activities with Floriana and the gang. One of the guys is even coming to my birthday party!

We watched Memento in Visual Media, which was fairly confusing, making sure before I left to tell Sarah that the gecko in the GEIKO commercial is NOT australian but I'm fairly sure from Manchester...they have much to learn...walking out to a cold dark night I headed back to UC for a chai tea, print my photos (I had to show the guy how to print them properly) then it was back home for dinner (a quick spell in the gym) and finish my bathroom pictures...If I never draw the back of someone's head again it will be too soon.

In fact to prove my deliriousness I keep plugging my headphones into the wrong hole, Sanda's had to tell me twice that its wrong, the first time I thought she just had really good hearing! The second time I knew it was time for me to go to bed

Well talk to you tonight : )

Bathroom pics

Character Faces

Draft for ninja turtles group


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