Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tonight in the ring its Team "you gotta grow up sometime ninja turtles" and in the left corner "hey kids the truth is Sesame Street"

This morning needed a couple of starts to get going as the first sound of my alarm shocked me into a false alertness to which I ended by falling back to sleep for a further 20 minutes. Waking again at 8 I went downstairs for toast and finding I was out of fruit grabbed extra prunes and headed back to the room to get my things.

Sanda left first, rushing out the door as she had slept in, to which I followed shortly after struggling with my computer on my back and camera in hand. The Bus was waiting for me (stopping 5 times along the way for stragglers) and after a short bumpy trip I was at uni just in time to drop of my camera at the cage and meet So young at Starbucks for our weekly “conversation”. It didn’t last long as I had to run to class, so promising to meet earlier next week I rushed to my discussion apologizing for my lateness and taking my seat within my group to kick ass on the pop quiz Daynah had prepared.

Ok I lie we didn’t exactly kick ass but our fail was the best of the lot, scoring a brilliant 12 out of 17 (come on we had questions like “what is the first film on record a the museum of Congress”…keh??). Wishing everyone a great weekend and promising to bring snacks for our study session, I left for lunch at the university centre, walking part way with Kathy discussing thanksgiving and pearl harbour (don’t ask – she thinks Pearl Harbour was more tragic than the Hiroshima bombs…I think they brain wash them).

Lunch was eggplant and chicken Sandwich (they remember me now : ) then after a visit to “Whale of a tale” (chated with the owner there) and the comic stall (got a free ticket to the market to see this guys friend – Pillay – I suggest you look him up) it was yogurt for dessert and a completion of my culinary tour at Cha for a Taro Cooler and pearls.
Meeting with Nauy at 2 we got comfy in the courtyard and were later joined by the girl going to Canberra, she was tossing up between France and Australia but is a first time traveler and still trying to “find herself” I basically told her France was an advanced travelers destination and Australia was for beginners, the best place to find yourself as there’s a blank canvas to start with and people willing to lend you paint!!

At three we parted ways, to which I ended up in the editing bay at the Video centre, thoroughly frustrated with the way technology seems to die around me! Giving up trying to log and capture my film I hired a camera with a fire wire so I could do it at home and tried to calm my nerves back at Cha with a HOT Taro tea (its freezing now) – after all that she FORGOT to put in the wire I need to connect the camera to the computer…I am officially the most unlucky person in the world (ignore my previous blog entry).

After spending time in Cha sipping my hot creamy vanilla tasting tea I stayed on my computer till it died (lack of battery power) and collecting everything caught the bus back to the dorm were I spent the rest of the night catching up on homework. At 10 I made my way to Live nudes, clad in robber wear (ok I just have a mask on, best I could do). The show was great, the walk home afterwards…not so great, but I made it, and managed to get Andy to agree to giving me a ride tomorrow. I may not be able to do some entries for a couple of days while I’m in LA, but I will put them in when I get back…or I may find an internet cafĂ©…who knows
Night…ack, its 1am…ok morning ☺

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Anthony said...

Very nice drawings again! You seem to be branching out with style too, it's awesome.

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