Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Mr baxter will see you now"

Hello readers, I’d just like to say that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now! I woke up early this morning staring lazily at Sanda as we both wished we could ignore the alarm screaming at us to get ready. Knowing we had to get to the Mariotte on time however, we quickly slipped on warm clothes and grabbing the last of my dates headed out the door for the trek to Sandas car and the surprisingly short drive to the hotel, instructions in hand.

Once there I said goodbye, closing the car door and walked into the bustling lobby, I was early so didn’t expect to see him there yet. I waited for a few minutes, contemplating whether to double check his name on the internet, but seeing you needed a credit card chose to wait further until I was tapped on the shoulder by a lady asking who I was waiting for.

“Are you waiting for Mr Baxter?” she asked politely, I faltered not remembering his name and asked whether he was waiting for me “he saw you waiting and asks you to join him in the restaurant”. I followed shyly wondering who I would see then as I made my way around the poles, the smell of breakfast getting stronger I was shocked to discover DAD sitting at the table near the buffet, running and jumping into his arms I babbled my excitement and surprise (still half expecting us to be joined by the mysterious Mr. Baxter, someone I later found out was completely made up). Catching up we finally decided to check out the buffet, it was really nicely presented with fresh fruit an assortment of toast and some hot food.

Whilst reading the ingredients on hand for the omelette, I felt cold hands cover my eyes and a breathing I recognised instantly…IT WAS ALEX! I swirled around into her arms and hugged her tightly jumping up and down with surprise! What a breakfast, we lazily ate whilst catching up on events and planning the day. Feeling full we went back to their room for them to get ready for walking then, becoming the tour guide, walked them back to the university to show them around.

First up were the markets, where we grabbed some OJ and olive bread, chatting to familiar faces and tasting fruit of the season. Then taking them through the rest of the centre (including Will in the comic store, Traders and Urban Guerrillas) we headed into campus for a walk around ring road and a tour of the Art centre. Back over Watson Bridge I convinced them to have Golden spoon (they couldn’t finish it as it was a little too cold) then it was off down campus drive past Albertson’s and into AV to show them my dorm.

Almost locked out due to a funny key, we finally got in and I showed them the facilities, slightly embarrassed by the state I had left my room in (and glad Sanda hadn’t come back with her boyfriend yet). After giving them a few goodies and stowing away my jacket and market food we re-applied the sunscreen and headed back out towards the arc, chatting to Lil along the way.

Once we’d exhausted my usual haunts, we decide to catch the bus to Newport, were after being patronised for thinking it was far, we were pointed in the direction of the beach and made it there after about an hour (yeah sure its “just there” – stupid bus driver) we did bump into a really nice couple that offered to give us a lift, but as we were almost there we decided on going it alone, admiring the mansions lining the streets as we went.
Disappointed slightly by the lack of activity down by the water we didn’t stay long (enough time for me to zip to the bathroom) and following the instructions of the car park lady made our way back to the freeway and back into fashion island for an early dinner, passing some great restaurants and galleries along the way.

Dinner was at American Grill, I had a chicken noodle salad with wontons although it ended up being small strips of chicken and cabbage, with a tuft of fried white garnish noodles and deep fried wonton strips through out...not bad, I did enjoy a bit of Dads meatloaf and Als steak though. Then feeling slightly unsatisfied I grabbed some Wetzel pretzel sticks for the shuttle ride back to the hotel for showers and a rest.

Ready again we headed by cab to the movies, settling on Dan in real life. Killing time we tried to get coffee before hand but after walking through an overcrowded Irish pub (hearing the tale of Sweeny Tod) and being ignored at Coco’s bakery, we gave up and took our seats in the theatre, chewing happily on fruit lollies.

The movie was great, although a little sadder than they expected, something we discussed in detail on the way home, saying goodbye as they dropped my back at the dorm I watched the cab fade in the distance, wondering if it had all been a dream.
I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow, another early morning so I better be of to bed. Until tomorrow xo


Anthony said...

Holy crap!

Yvette said...

I could just see the whole event unfold, I'm glad it was such a surprise and a good one at that. Dad was very pleased with himself for planting the seed. Have a great time. Take photos and put them on your photopage. It would be great to see you and them there.