Friday, November 9, 2007

We wanted to make 1000 paper cranes...we gave up after 20

Sorry if this entry comes out a little scattered, I’m attempting to multi task (talking to Anthony (msn), watching Aladdin, drawing and surfing the web). Here goes, this is going to take me forever…its already taken me 10 minutes to write three lines.

I began earlier than usual as Sanda had to get up at 6 to study, rolling over to try and get back to sleep, I found I couldn’t swallow thanks to a dry throat (slept with my mouth open again) so went to have breakfast. Crumbling up wheetbix and the last of my special K, I then got dressed in warmer clothes and as there was plenty of time before drama, went to the gym for 20 minutes to walk on the treadmill.

Drama was great, finally taking my advice with the exams, we were asked four questions, our interpretation of the chapter, how we consider ourselves as performers, our biggest frustrations and whether or not we consider acting art. Then dragging out a mat (he read in my blog that I hate lying on the hard wood floor – especially with allergies) we spent the next hour or so lying on the floor focusing on relaxing our muscles, remembering our past and taking turns with our monologues. I found it much easier this time as some memories had stirred up sad feelings and they naturally came through in the poem, something I found really hard to conjure previously.

After getting up pretending we were birds, a little embarrassing, we played a quick improv game and ended the lesson. Finishing my gym time with a spot of running and weights, I headed home for lunch and a shower, leaving myself plenty of time to wash my hair, and blow drying it.

Arriving at the bus stop just as the bus was pulling up (today’s gonna be a good day), I got of early to pay housing at administration (the cashier was actually there today) then walked into University centre for yoghurt, hot bread (with a discussion about whether or not to keep butter in the fridge – and Argentinean lady told us we didn’t have to as up until recently they didn’t have fridges in her home country) and a hot drink with pearls from Cha.

I also spent about half an hour in Alakazam talking to Will and his friend about comics today, understanding the art of comic making (geniuses like Scott McCloud being referenced) and how Dickens novels are full of shit! It was so funny, I told them how it had taken me a year to finish great expectations, to which Wills friend replied, “it’s no wonder, the guy was paid by the word back then” Agghhh no wonder he was constantly repeating himself…the kettle was black, and on the black kettle was a gold handle shining in the sun streaming through the window right onto the black kettle sitting on the bench with the gold handle sparkling in the sun…well you get the picture.

After trailing lazily through the rainbow fair (celebrating cultural diversity) whilst sipping away at me honey green milk tea, I made it to art. The lesson was really fun, for some reason I was on a roll and kept making everyone laugh, not to mention the artwork people had done was really great, one girl put fairly lights in a massive wood board spelling out “SLICK” and another made 100 paper cranes with one sheet of paper so that they were all attached!

Video was also fairly laid back as Ulysis left for a meeting and us watching this weird rotoscoped animated movie about dreams and the meaning of life…it made me feel so sick (really jerky hand held quality camera movement) I ended up drawing for most of the lesson.

Later, after a chat with Mike about animation today, “your very passionate you know” – yep – and the latest uncanny valley release (Beowulf) we parted ways and I caught the bus back to the dorm. Dinner was prawn and veggie stir fry and a strawberry icy pole for dessert, then celebrating Meredith’s return to the dorm (she had brought two MASSIVE trays of assorted veggies) I broke out the dip and we listened to Andy tune her guitar, saying goodbye to Sam and Eugene as they went to get Mexican.

Then it was more drawing for the next three hours, whilst listening to Aladdin four times (directors commentary, animators commentary (twice) and normally). Now I should probably go to bed as I feel my throat getting a little dry again.

Bye for now
Advice for the day
BEEEEEE yourself (The genie)

one of my picis from tonight

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