Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm wait, I'm falling!

Hello my fellow weekenders! Its Friday (well was, I’m writing this in hindsight so my grammar and tense may be slightly askew…bare with me)

The day started at 7am, my throat throbbing as my lack of sleep begins to take hold (I can hear my parents voices in my head…go to bed early moron...ok they wouldn’t be that harsh, but its serves the purpose for my point) because yes I am a moron, my lack of sleep comes down to stupidity, spending waaay to long surfing the net, listening to music and scribbling away into all hours of the night, and early morning. In my defence my drawing has gotten a little better, but as I said my voice now suffers.

First on my list was go to the gym, get in an early work out to wake me up and set me up for a day in doors. I even met Afro hair lady, who cheered me up as I watched her hair dance around to the music as she strode heavily on the treadmill, fuel was a bowl of special K and an icey pole, to which I defended was really just an insanely cold glass of juice. Then after a shower and hair blow-dry (I’m getting better) I collected everything I would need for the day (and a world war if one came about) and struggling to get through the door with my back pack got on the bus to drop of the video camera before 10.

Killing time before my discussion class at 11, I relaxed in Cyber A Café, looking at lecture notes on the web and sending out invitations on face book for the live nude people performance that night (theme: candy). Discussion class began with a test, one I don’t think I did to well in, even though I had thoroughly read the 60 PAGE reading the week before, Yes Danyah it’s totally my fault that I can’t remember a particular picture in amongst all the pages that describes a particular special effect, ~sigh~ life is unfair.

After watching a clip from Harold and Maude (really strange movie with a 14 year old and 60 year old lover…creepy) we were excused and I left for lunch at the French bakery (chicken eggplant sandwich, mmmm) although as it was insanely busy they did my order wrong and put tomato all the way through it, but I told them I was more than happy to wait for another one (I wasn’t in a hurry) and after enjoyed the fruits of my patience ☺

They were tasting pesto pasta at traders today which went nicely with the yoghurt I had just had at Golden spoon, stocking up on dried mango and chatting with one of the ladies there that’s always interested to see how I’m going (for same reason a persons day becomes a lot more interesting when they’re Australian I guess) I said goodbye and proceeded to waste time at Alakazam, showing the guys my drawings and discussing the best graphics in print as well as the series Flight (they have copper in that one Anthony!)

Cha was next up for a strawberry cooler with pearls (so tasty) they put that jam stuff in it again, then sipping it slowly and soaking the sun that was now filtering through the clouds I waited at Starbucks for my conversation partner to arrive, feeling stupid as I had to keep telling people I was saving the chair for someone (they kept giving me greasies as they peered over at me waiting for my “so called” friend to arrive). Browsing the crowd for about 10 minutes I noticed a girl that had been sitting by the entrance for a while, occasionally looking up from her book, gathering my confidence I made the plunge and asked if she was waiting for someone. “Yes…Lesley” aha, that’s me!

We spent the next 40 minutes talking, Nai is from Thailand, she likes animals, lives with her sister here in a host family house in Newport, and is studying English! We ended by way of questionnaire for her speaking class (“if you could speak to an animal which one would it be? – I said monkey, to see what they thought of the relation between us and Dolphin to ask them the secret to having so much fun) then I spent the next hour or so drawing and sleeping at the EAP office (they have comfy couches).

Dinner was chicken salad as I ate, walked and talked to Mike on the phone hassling me to get to the studio early. Things went ok on the shoot, I got all my footage down, although I may have to re-shoot as there seemed to be a bad flare in the top corner of the screen which will be difficult to key out later, then disregarding the fact that Mike didn’t seem to care I helped him through his shoot by acting heaps of scenes (involving falling over 10 times and throwing myself from a metre in the air onto a mattress about 15 times, something we probably should have only done 3 times… “uumm Mike, I don’t think I can fall over any more, I may not get up the next time”)

When closing up the studio, Mike accidentally set of the alarm, a moment when for the first time he looked vulnerable (good to know his human) telling us to run for it we dashed of and separated, letting the police sought it out later. Meeting a nice guy by the studio theatre he offered to escort me to were live nude people were showing that night and getting my accent wrong (“so which one of your parents are from England?”) I spent the next few minutes teaching him how to tell the difference, then promising him I’d come see him in Life of Iris.

The show was great, even if I did spend 1 and a half hours in the cold waiting to get in, (I was a little early) although no one from the dorm showed up I hung out with everyone from drama, then after helping clean the studio from all the candy that had been pegged at us through the performance I walked home and proceeded straight to bed.

(P.S. I found out that Karen’s mum was an animator, she worked on Scooby Doo and Strawberry shortcake!)

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