Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Day two

Sorry for keeping this short folks, but I want to watch a movie before I go to bed. The day began early as I walked through the quite dorm after getting dressed, looking for Sanda (only her and the pillow were missing) and made my way into the foggy morning. It was cold, so wrapping my arms around my chest, trying to suppress the dry cough I’ve developed over the last day, I walked to the bus stop to check out times. Unfortunately I had just missed one, and not wanting to wait an hour, I made me way up the street, eyes peeled for a taxi.

Arriving at the uni centre, my attention caught by the large fair set up in the campus car park, I zipped into Trader Joes to ask for a cab company number. Continuing along the street I tried three companies until I was finally able to get through, then waiting for the guy as he tried to find me “I think he’s lost cos I’m the only person here, so if he can’t see me, he’s not near me” I arrived just after 7:30, wishing the guy luck in getting to Australia on holiday.

Dad was waiting in the restaurant, and we chatted as we waited for Alex to get ready and come downstairs. I tried the omelette today (onion, mushroom and capsicum) as well as the usual toast, fruit and yoghurt. Looking outside at the darkening sky we decided against walking to Irvine Spectrum, so we called a cab to take us there, playing chase games and mucking around while we waited (I bet dad will seek his revenge tonight).

We arrived later that morning and as it was still early, headed to the coffee bean were I enjoyed a Chai tea. We began browsing the stores, and after looking through a few quirky nick nack boutiques, dropped dad of at the sports bar (the football had started) and spent the next 2 and half hours shopping. I ended up with 2 pairs of jeans, were as Al bought a jacket, top and sun glasses.

When we arrived back Dad had already ordered lunch as we were a little late, so we headed to the food court next door for something light, Al ordered a combination rice, salad, beef teriyaki, and mini tuna rolls were as I had a bowl of rice and assorted sashimi and sweet egg. Mine was ok except the rice was a little dry, however Al could only stomach the tuna rolls. Feeling slightly dissatisfied we headed to Wetzel’s were I got an original pretzel, then grabbing Dad Al got a Jamba Juice whilst we decided whether or not to see a movie.

Feeling tired we decided to browse the shops a little more then head home, embarrassing Al along the way as I danced in “forever 21” to the techno music blasting through the speakers. I also got dad to try some yoghurt pretzels from candy land, shame they weren’t as good as the ones from uni.

When we arrived back at the hotel we headed straight to the room to relax, then at 6 headed downstairs for dinner in the hotel. It was really nice; I had fish and greens, the waiter making the evening even more enjoyable as he looked after us the entire time.
Finishing our discussion in the room over beer, dark chocolate and football I finally said goodbye to them at 8 and caught a cab back to the uni centre were after giving into the temptation of yoghurt (even though I’d already had one today) I grabbed some essentials from Traders and arrived home just as everyone got back from Santa Barbara. Catching up in the kitchen and telling everyone about my surprise visitors (they were all really jealous) I told them I’d take a rain check on Karaoke (I can’t talk at the moment my voice is so bad) and headed to the room for bed. Tomorrow its back to normal.

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