Sunday, November 25, 2007

Do you want my number?

Today I walked...I walked and walked and walked! I started with breakfast, nice and hearty in order to give my self energy for the day, I wasn't sure how long it would take to get to the markets so I ate as much as I would need to walk to switzerland just in case. The feast included a huge zinabon, OJ, yogurt, fruit and a few stray items in my cupboard. Once dressed and loaded with essentials for the day, you know wallet, camera, first aid kit.

I was on my way, I walked across highways, down alleys, over bridges got lost (found a hotel to ask directions) finally I made it, (I would have jumped for joy if I could feel my feet). The market was awesome! it was HUGE, it had at least 40 isles food,cars, nick nacks, you name it they had it. After munching on a soft pretzel and chugging down a bottle of water I finally got the stall I'd been looking for, Will and the guys in Alakazam had told me about this awesome illustrator Arlyn Pillay (check him out he's really great). I was really happy to find him there and had a nice chat about drawing and other fun stuff, leaving with a badge and directions to the bus stop I arrived to meet a girl waiting for the same bus.

On the ride I got to know her a little better as well as a couple that asked me were Willoughby Girls was. After being on the bus for almost an hour I started to get a little worried, finally we arrived at a junction, it was here I was informed we had arrived in Santa Anna...I HAD GONE THE WRONG WAY! After waiting for the replacement bus driver it was back on the bus for another hour and a half to get to fashion island, meeting a creepy 40 year old Mexican on the way that wanted to give me his phone number.

At Fashion island I was bummed out to discover I had missed the movie I wanted to see so after a quick browse of the shops and a long wait at the bus stop I caught the 79 back to University city, almost mistaken for a dead person as I fell asleep along the way "Miss...excuse me miss, are you ok?" (I think she thought I'd died from hypothermia cos I had asked earlier to get on the bus out of the cold). At the centre it was a serving of yoghurt, a browse in Alakazam and a hot drink at Cha before it was back home for dinner, prawn and vegi stir fry : ) not to mention jelly for dessert.

now I'll probably do some drawings and watch stand up comedy till bed time, catcha tomorrow...I more day till my birthday!


Susanita said...

Yes, I would love your number beautiful!

Hello new Thanksgiving friend Lesley! What a whimsical day you had. It was absolutely delightful to meander through your memories just now. You are the kind of writer that sets my thoughts a-floating and my lips a curving, and before I know it, my eyes are closed, my mouth is smiling and I am joining you on your adventures. Speaking of adventures, what a jolly one this Thanksgiving was! Sarah's family is quite colorful and I still am so grateful to be a little part of it, (even if I did leave early and come back late, and then leave early again).
If you haven't guessed it, my name is Susanna… you know that slightly odd brod that truly enjoyed a conversation or two with you. But how are you doing Lesley? How are the classes, finals, exams, stresses, study-breaks, and good times treating you? As for me, I have been frolicking through the maze of cumulative exams, note-cards, in-class-essays, and ethical dilemmas' and even though it has not been easy, God has been good. He has been patiently teaching me... and it has been fun.
Anywho, I will stop rambling but simply want you to know that I treasure the experience of meeting you and hope to see you again sometime... or at least have a good chat once and awhile. May Christ bless you with His presence, presents, truth, and love tonight and always my new friend. Thank you again for being such a patient delight, and have a good night!
Love `n Him,
Susanna Smith

Lel said...

Wow, you get the prize for longest comment eva!! THANKS : ) you seem like a writer yourself, I'm glad things are going well for you!

Thanks giving was really great, I'm glad I met you too!
Did you end up going to the Turkey Fry on friday? sounded like they had a great time! : )