Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"You can't stop the avalanche!"

Today began early, preparing for drama at 6, I gulped down some cereal and decided to hit the gym early as I had already studied for the test and wanted some time after class to do other things. Class was all right, the test on Eleemosynary turned out to be much easier than I thought it would, and we spent the rest of our time doing warm ups (I was finally able to do a backbend! – to which I announced at the time, causing a few to topple over in laughter) and improv exercises.

After doing some weights and stretching I went home for a massive slab of olive bread with butter and vegemite, then after hitting the showers, got dressed, packed away my laptop and headed to golden spoon. After enjoying vanilla malt and strawberry yoghurt I spent some time in Alakazam chatting to Will and his fiancé about the future of the movie industry and how much we love our laptops then trying a Chai tea at Cha (bit too spicy) I did some drawing for art and upon finishing my drink stopped by Zot and go for some snacks then settled in class to discuss my group project with Elizabeth.

We finally settled on an idea, and after dividing the work evenly spent the rest of the class in the spirit of thanksgiving talking about food. I got to leave early, and decided to grab another chai from Cyber A café as well as pick up a digital camera from the cage for later. Again my chai was too spicy so throwing it away I spent the rest of my break chatting to Kathy and her friend discussing who founded Australia and why our accent is so hard to mimic.

In video we watched a movie about a man that spent 13 summers with Grizzly Bears and was finally eaten on his last trip, along with his girlfriend…it was pretty sad and seriously graphic, the guy was a little weird though ok he was insane, but you still have to feel sorry for him (The movie is Grizzly man, if you want to check it out – supposedly on of the special features is the recording of him being eaten alive…Hanan was pretty stoked about it).

During class I stepped out for a little bit to take photos of the live nudes troop I got some really great ones, but when the camera died, I gave up and after dropping the camera back arrived in time for the end of the movie. As I helped arrange chairs with Ulysses after class, we discussed the fate of those conservationists that tend to appear invincible but in their plight to prove animals are harmless, die and end up ruining all the work they did.

After class I grabbed a chicken salad and yoghurt from Greens to go then took my place at he front of the line waiting to watch Hairspray. Soon after I was joined by Elodie and Nami, the movie was sooo great, making us dance all the way to the bus stop. On the way home I regaled them with stories from our trip to France, then made my way to the room for homework and bed, I’m now on Holidays yay!

Let the festivities (and giant feasts) begin!

(Check out my photo album for new photos - poke around the old albums for new additions as well)


Lib said...

Hey Lel!
Just Checked out ur halloween pics... Favourite costume by far... TOTORO!!!!! LOL And u were pretty damn cute in that bow peep outfit!!! ;) hehe. Definately cuter than my outfit 4 halloween (pis on facebook) Thanx 4 the mocktail recipe, am gonna experiment with it 2day. Miss ya!!! xoxoxo

Lel said...

Yeah Jan's pretty hysterical that way, Evelyn actually made the costume, the one that dressed up as poison ivy. and thanks about my costume, I have another one now cos I exchanged it for one that actually fit, its country...well what country girls would look like if they were sluts and/or ran out of material mid way through making their cloths : P

I'll check out your costume tomorrow...excited! lol and no worries about the mock-tail thing...how did Max enjoy the formal?