Friday, November 9, 2007

Everything Goes with Cadbury Favourites

I’ll have to keep this one short as I’ve now officially lost me voice, and even though I’m not exactly talking to you, its my bodies way of saying, you need more sleep missy! So here goes, it started as most others, waking early to Sanda’s alarm after a really bad dream about only having one day to live (extremely vivid, I woke up thinking I’d miraculously survived!) watching Sanda turn it of three times before getting up I caved on the fourth attempt and clomped downstairs for breakfast.

Feeling guilty about borrowing Ashleys butter (ok I know technically it isn’t borrowing as I’m not planning to give it back, but it sounds better) I gobbled down my toast and made a mental note of telling her what I’d done and that she was welcome to use my butter once I’d replaced it. Then getting dressed for the cold I did some quick stretches and head into the chilly morning air to catch the bus for my rendezvous with So Young my other convo partner.

Once the fire alarm had been sorted out, we met in Starbucks and had a great chat about her life and why she was here as well as hearing horror stories about one of her trips to Australia in which she stayed with a host mother that hated her…not to mention the entire world, she spent most nights crying and ended up staying with a friend.

Straight from that a few yoghurt pretzels and a bottle of berry water gave me the strength to face my Visual Media discussion, which after a test and a short scene analysis we were given back our storyboards…I did ok, a distinction in our terms…but I lost some marks through a miss communication…then wishing Daynah a good weekend I accompanied Sarah to the uni centre (she showed me a short cut) were we parted and I grabbed Sushi and yoghurt.

Having some time before I needed to meet Naun, I sat in Cha for a while drawing and sipping hot Tarro green milk tea with pearls (tasted like vanilla it was sooo good) then after a chat with mum (via phone) and the girl who had recommended the drink (she went on break and sat next to me, thought I’d keep her company) I ran to meet my convo partner (running late as I had spotted the nicest jacket in Urban Guerillas and had to put it on lay away!).

Chatting with Naun was great, as she let me rant about animation and various other topics that people usually find extremely boring, “you know you can tell me to shut up when you want, I tend to rant until someone stops me” “no I think you very interesting” ☺ feeling great, but my voice cracking badly, (I sounded like a 13 year old boy on helium) I caught the bus back home with Sanda and spent the rest of the afternoon in my room drawing and trying to design the homecoming logo. (the prize is $300)

At 6pm I made my way downstairs for some dinner (beef and veg stir fry) and catching up with the group going to Santa Barbara for the weekend said my goodbyes and headed out the door to be first in line for the comic book sale at Alakazam! I got sooo many comics its not funny. After spending about $60 and picking up my voting forms from FedEx (I can’t believe I still have to vote for the federal election) I grabbed my jacket (she was just closing up but as I was paying cash said she’d look the other way and sought it out tomorrow) running to the theatre to see “Anything goes”
The play was much better than I expected, with beautifully designed sets, outstanding performances, great singing and with the guy next to me cracking up at every joke, really funny! I even recognised more faces than just the one of my class member Garrett. Congratulating Garrett after the show, and catching up with familiar faces in the audience I made my way back, bumping into the English girls half way as they headed to In-and-Out for burgers, telling them of the little Chuawa that stole the show (although I saw him after, the poor little thing was shaking like crazy).

Banging on the door once home as I’d forgotten my key, josh finally let me in and I headed straight to the room, I guess I’ll have to look through my comic spoils tomorrow, until then xo

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