Thursday, November 22, 2007

Daft Hands

Aggghhh, what a great start to my mini holiday, it began blissfully late, well 8:20, which is pretty late for me. Rising for a breakfast of toast and mango, I prepared my things and made my way to the cage to drop of the camera, then deciding to hang around I settled down in one of the editing bays to work on my movie.

I was there for about an hour or so, watching my laptop (that I'm now using as a hard drive cos my other one doesn't work...stupid people at easy back up systems...easy my #$*@($&@#) Ok I'm good, when it had almost completely drained I decided it was time to call it a day so closing up, I said goodbye to the girl in charge and left for University Centre.

Yoghurt was naturally first on the list, as well as a poke in Trader Joes. Then while I waited for a subtle lunch time to roll around I hung around in Fed-Ex chatting to the workers (I now most of them now) and printing out the photos I took of the live nude teams, I figured they'd be easier to draw if they were flat next to me. Once I'd printing all the photos I'd need I walked next door to Cha to get comfy in my favourite spot and whilst drawing away the hours enjoyed a tender beef stew with sides of corn and salad as well as strawberry cooler with pearls. Feeling full, I said goodbye to Amy and left to check out the movie theatre to see whether Southland Tales was playing (it is, but in a cinema too far away).

I decided to go home after a spot of shopping, and spent the entire afternoon drawing...agghhh bliss, after about 5 hours or so I started to get a little sore, so stretching and getting changed headed to the gym for a bit of a work out, then it was of to Alberstons to buy a present for Sarah (for tomorrow) as well as some more general groceries. walking home my arms piled high with Jelly, Hagen Daz frozen yogurt, and other yummy treats I prepared dinner when I arrived and before heading back to the room promised to knock on Jans door at 11 for our screening of Hercules!

The hours flew by with more drawing and dancing (check wont be able to help yourself) then showered and teeth brushed I snuggled into the couch at 11 to watch Hercules. After the movie and a fair bit of singing I wished Jan and Reiko a happy Thanksgiving and headed back to my room to enter my blog entry and watch the daft hands clip one more time : )

Tomorrow should be interesting, Sarah's picking me up at 11:30, she said we're gonna play softball before the meal...sounds fun! until then : )
(please watch this video, its hysterical!!...and addictive)

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