Wednesday, September 26, 2007


ok a couple of things to get out of the way

1. My new mailing address is 527 Arroyo Drive Irvine California 92617
2. I will be creating a photo album and attaching it to this page so that
you can easily browse through them (although pretty on this page they
take way too long to load)
3. If its easier, click on the "comment" sign under my entries to reply to me
you'll will need to create a google account but its pretty quick and you just
need to follow the steps

oh and my room mates name is Sanda

awaking this morning feelin a little drowsy due to Ziggi's midnight visitors I slowly got dressed and made sure I had packed everything from the house, chatting to Anika who offered to help me get to Arroyo Vista early so I could check in at the International office. After a bitter sweet fairwell and a promise to stay in touch I lugged my bag up the hill to the dorm, unfortunately I went the wrong way and was lucky enough to find a construction worker that offered to drive me to the front door in his buggey. Then (with another guys help) it was three floors up to the room whith a pleasant surprise awaiting me.

As shown in the pictures the room is really nice and really clean (even Yvette clean) and theres plenty of space for me to spread out my things, not wasting time however I left my bags and a note for my roomie and (with brecci in hand) run back to campus to get in line for registration....and what a line, realising that I was also without photocopies I walked with Kevin (a business student from Shanghai) to get them from kinkos, a fast process that took me back within 20mins...unfortunately with no change to the line and a lady informing me that I shouldn't bother if I still didn't have courses...naturally I left to catch the end of the EAP brecci outside the student centre were over loose grapes I chated to people from all over the world (and america) that were having similar experiences...except maybe Kano who ended up talking to me about his dogs tumour

after getting a Zot card form dinning (a campus credit card) and deciding against getting a meal plan, I decided to check out STA travel in regards to traveling on a budget, getting a ball park figure for different locations I decided to squeeze in a lunch of mixed chinese (rice and three meat dishes) as well as yoghurt from the golden spoon (this time I tried vanilla and strawberry) before making my way to choir auditions were after waiting for an hour or so and making a few friends I was informed I could reach a high F I had a great musical ear and my voice was pretty quiet (mp) - oh and the conducter wants me to bring my trumpet to do some fanfares for the end of year production.

feeling tired I grabbed a bottle of water and managed to do some more cross campus trecking to pay for my Anima extension class and Health insurance before I had to meet the rowing club at 4:30, who got me really enthuised about practice next week! Dinner was a burrito (never again) followed by a packet of sultaneas and another bottle of water whilst grabbing my much needed textbooks from the bookstore and making my way to meet the debating team...I'm still not sure about joining that one

I was met with darkness once outside and making my way of campus letting the concert in the park become a dull thud in the background I suddenly incredibly lost I was, making my way cautiously around campus (and following a bus that instead of going to the dorms went to the bus depo) I finally managed to get to Arroyo Vista following the sounds of wild Fraternity boys and giggling sorority girls till I got the international village were my roommate helped me adjust my bed so its really high (quite and ordeal..we almost broke the bed)

now I;m finally settled (just need coathangers and linen)
and its of to class tomorrow


Anthony said...

Ah, an adventure as can only happen to you, Lel! Expect a letter sometime soon. ;)

Lel said...

Yay a comment (I knew it would be you, when I saw the 1 comment sign : )

I'm glad everything's going well with 3D, and you've got your anamatic set up, don't get cocky, remember you don't have me to make you feel guilty for not having something done (lol)

I miss you and can't wait for a letter (I checked tonight just in case) I've got my one from the plane right next to the computer so I can read it when I'm feeling homesick

talk to you soon

Anthony said...

You've got no time to be homesick!