Saturday, September 29, 2007


What a lazy day, I woke up at around 8:00, confused by the clock flashing 12 then realising I must have disconnected it last night when I was pulling out Sanda's internet cable (which I have stolen while she is my connection is a million times faster - I'll have to pick one up on Monday) stumbling down stairs to the common room for brecci I felt like I had left me arms back in bed as I struggled to lift and open the fridge (from lugging my shopping bags home). After a breakfast of toast and yoghurt (including my newly bought Jam…which tastes weird…as most things do here) I was joined by one of the guys from last night who offered to accompany me to pancakes in the VA common while he waited for his cereal to go soggy

So in my uggies and new pj’s we strolled lazily through the grounds feeling the sunshine through the holes in my jumper and the cool breeze lightly toss my hair exclaiming (not in a gay way) how great it would be to go to the beach today.

Once there we mozied over to a few familiar faces whilst munching on pancakes and Tropicana Oj (with pulp!) then grabbing fruit for the walk back we left them watching Ella enchanted and winding down after the party last night (our dorm was full of hang over victims from getting trashed till 5 in Jessie’s room and drying of from the foam party that apparently went up to their chests)

After the girls set of for Newport and the guys went back to bed I had the common to my self to catch up on some much needed drawing and chill in front of the tv, watching whatever I liked : )

I ended up settling on the mask and once over (and the sun had reached its peak and started descending) I decided (after a call to mum) to head out for a walk/run around campus. Predictably I got lost and ended up somewhere near the freeway the sun beating down on one side of my face the whole way so that I finally decided to start walking backwards to ensure an even burn (don’t worry I didn’t get burnt)

Finally after deciding to bush wack through the country towards buildings I recognised, getting a slight rash in the process (bushes are not kind here) I emerged in Middle Earth slightly red, very sweaty and busting to go the toilet, resolved I wouldn’t make it home I made a pit stop at University Centre then casually strolled back to the dorms, checking out Alderman’s along the way (that Woolworth’s type place I mentioned earlier) and bumping into a couple of the guys on their way to get breakfast/lunch/dinner…they’re still not back : )

Once I was safely back in the dorm and had made a mental note to bring a map next time I started my diner (stir fried prawns and veggies with a salty packet mixture and pasta sauce …dessert was an entire bag of dried mango, grapes, strawberries, a fruit strip and starburst lollies that had been on the table for a couple of days…waste not want not) then getting drowsy digesting on the couch and incessantly flicking channels I decided to head back to my room.

Now I’m listening to missy Higgins and I’ve just stuffed 4 different types of gum in my mouth to see what the combination tastes like (sweet strawberry, sour strawberry, tropical and watermelon)………not bad

Early bed tonight, hug yourself and pretend it was me : )
Your loyal American correspondent

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