Thursday, September 27, 2007

My first day (well not technically)

Waking early to a bad sleep (I’m on the mattress with my throw blanket and scarf as a pillow) I was relieved to discover I’d managed to wake up exactly on 7, just enough time to stretch, get dressed and run over to campus for my 8:00 acting class at the barn, unfortunately upon reaching the art school (jam bagel in hand) I was devastated to find out it was back on the side of campus I’d come from…so with 6 mins to go I hurtled towards the shuttles and followed various pitied directions to the barn...which is basically a “you’ll see it...its a big red barn”

Shacking my shoes of I strolled in semi confident laughing at my mistake, discovering that as it was the first day Beni (my teacher) was lenient. The class was spent standing up and introducing ourselves individually then being put in two separate groups to find out three things we had in common, in my second group it was wearing grey, people getting our last names wrong (that was mine) and that we could all do the robot...that wasn’t mine, and something we decided to perform for the class

But everyone seems great, a little dramatic but really friendly, my first greeting was “oooh love the socks” (something I hear often) after this I made my way back onto campus and heading straight to EAP to see Mario and the gang and spend a bit of time on the computer getting a few enrolment issues out of the way. As the sun grew higher I decided to head out to find Crawford hall to inquire about our physicals after first making an appointment at student health (were I found it hard not to snigger at the lady serving considering I kept catching the receptionists eye thinking exactly the same thing)

On my way through the park I also came across an undiscovered food hall, were I grabbed a toasted turkey, onion and lettuce sandwich, with what I think was salad dressing (there is no sauce but ketchup here…I had to make do ok) with papers in hand I then strolled for an early arrival at Advanced art were I doodled on the board while I waited,

This seems to be a great class, Mara our teacher loves drawing (you can tell), we can pick any medium we want AND we don’t have finals just four assessments, yay! There’s a little theory involved, but we can interpret it any way we want, at the end I approached her about joining up (assuring her I could indeed draw a table…something she mentioned earlier) and I was in.

Due to our early finish I had time to grab a beef and vegi soup before Video, also another good one were our teacher speaks so slowly (but so cooly) you hang on every word, I think some of his pauses must have lasted at least 30 seconds, everyone holding their breath, as it was a introduction he took us threw our subject (also open, we can pick anything to film for our project as long as it involves green screen…Mary Poppins here I come) and showed us the equipment and computer labs (Ant, Lib and the rest of you COFA peeps you should see the video cameras they have here, its all industry stuff…I had to stop myself from dribbling) I was also introduced to everyone by my stomach which kept rumbling really loudly while we were in the sound room) but the guys were cool and I really got along with this Bret (re:face book)

After this I headed over to University city for dinner and yoghurt (this time I had traditional vanilla, double vanilla, strawberry and cake batter) then did some light shopping as I’m waiting till the weekend to buy a lock box I can store my food in, in the fridge. I also got a free towel from the tanning salon as I explained to the guy on reception I was desperate (I’ve taken to drying myself with wads of toilet paper…don’t’ ask) he was so nice explaining that the rag ones would be thrown out any way (it’s a great towel) and still warm from the drier I draped it around my shoulders as I walked back to the bus stop in the chilly air,

Now I'm of to watch Greys Anatamy on the basketball courts (big screen) plus free food and drink : )

Talk to you tomorrow

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