Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lets go shopping (day six)

Today I woke up to the lovely sounds of horns and tempers, but it was a beautiful day and my star bucks bagel was extremely tasty thanks to the honey I bought yesterday, so whilst eating, watching cartoons (about a super cucumber called super Larry) and flipping through a tourist magazine, I decided to go shopping.

I asked the guy at the gas station who told me it was a bit of a walk but I assured him I had all day and of I went with directions on a grubby piece of paper and a guy from the servo that pulled up next to me and asked if I wanted a lift (probably innocent…but no thank you) after a long walk a few applications of sunscreen (no way was I getting burnt again) I arrived at South Coast Plaza (“you’ll know your there when you see the Bloomingdale’s”)

Once inside I found a map (a toilet) and of I went to have a browse and some food, lunch was at Nello Cucina I really nice Italian place in one of the smaller plazas (yes there is more than one…probably why they call it the biggest shopping centre in California…its were we went to the rainforest cafĂ©)
I asked them to combine two meals as I wanted the eggplant, olive and tomato sauce with their homemade spinach and egg fettuccini rather than penne (they didn’t even charge me extra : ) then full and dogy bag in hand I was off to look at the shops I had book marked whilst waiting for my meal (pretending to be incredibly occupied to keep the party next to me from staring)

I ended up looking at everything, including the shows being performed by local dance studios (Al and Lil, you would have loved to see the kids on point…they were pretty good!) I also bought heaps of clothes mainly from this funky shop “H&M” were one of my tops had been discounted to about 3 bucks!

When my legs began to wobble I knew it was time to head back, so with shopping bags in tow I caught the bus back to the hotel, went to the internet stand at K-mart and grabbed BBQ chicken and corn form the rib place next door. Enjoying my meal to the last part of Osmosis Jones

Its of to uni tomorrow, talk to you then

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