Tuesday, September 25, 2007

before the begining

Yay you made it

Its just getting organised but at least its here,

If you want to make it part of your favourites you can do the following

  1. go to your top menu bar
  2. click favourites
  3. click "add to favourites"
  4. for apple users it should appear on you sub browser for windows it will be in your favourites menu

To go a step further you can set it as your home page to do this

  1. go to tools
  2. internet options
  3. in the home page panel press "current" or copy and paste the web address in the space and press set or enter

If this doesn't work ask some one who's good with computers : )

The entries are on their way - I just need to get a USB

thanks for comming...I hope you enjoy the read


Anthony said...

Huzzah! And I have the first comment ever as well! I feel special... :D

LIL Rocks Ur world said...

hey lel its lil how are you goin write more about your holiday soon

love ya

Yvette said...

Hi Lel

I am finally going to read all about your adventure so far.
I am sitting here waiting for the glass splashback guys to install it in our new kitchen. So I now have a couple of hours to be entertained by your blog.
Hope you are keeping well and having lots of fun and learning.


ally said...

HELLLOOOO im on the phone to you ....woooo