Tuesday, September 25, 2007

on the home stretch

phew! I finally got everything sorted..I think
p.s. if this day seems like it goes back and foreword, thats because it did...

waking up early thanks to claudias departure from the house I decided to do some much needed drawing before Annika got up to take me to uni, it wasn't too long before we were of and dropping me at the uni centre I made my way to starbucks for brecci, however realising that I'd forgot me veggi I ended up at the Zot for cereal mixed with strawberry yoghurt..very tastey

unfortunately whilst snaking I realised it was time for me to meet with Peter Cheng (an accademic councillor) so taging behind a guy from UNSW I attempted to make convo whilst delicately chewing my gooey cereal mixture. once there I was given to another Peter...peter..peter..Krap..yes I even heard him have to say it over the phone whilst he reffered me to the art depertment.."Yes its Peter Krap" although he made it sound more like krape, and he said it quickly, he had the look of a man that had been ridiculed his whole life, but he was really nice and really helped me sort out my schedule and get the ball rolling

After saying hi to the other peter (who I think only likes talking to me to listen to my accent) I went over to the art department to have a long chat with the receptionist who is thinking about going on exchange to Brisi whilst waiting for them to advise me on some more courses.

After I had four under the belt I reached the bridge to middle earth, the sun bearing down, I recieved a phone call...

"Lesley, its Rani, you've got the room"

I felt like screaming (don't worry I didn't..I did do a little dance though : ) so I grabbed some sushi for lunch (mmm, egg) and headed to Aroyo Vista to get my paperwork, once there I was sent to the housing office (without the paperwork) so it was a 20min wait for Rani to bring it over (this wasn't my fault fyi) I was now running late for another orientation

so leaving my 370 deposit and my roommate preferences behind I ran of to HIB 110 to check out the Film and Media studies department and what they had to say...arriving out of breath they just finished, but I mooched some fruit and had a chat to the professors to get their takes on animation on campus

then it was of to meet MArio at the EAP to tell me some more info on settling in to which I jetted back AV to get my keys, making mental notes to get everyone at the office flowers for taking such good care of me : )

I was now pretty exhausted having missed my deadline to get an ID I decided to have dinner (beef and broccoli and frozen yoghurt for dessert..which looks like soft serve ice cream as it comes in this huge swirly mountain) and meet the anima club at 6:30, it turned out to be GOLD, its actually an extension course, were the two men who teach it tailor it to your needs, by the end I should have 12 pages of a comic good enough to pitch to the industry and they can help me with my major work

I was elated floating back to the drama barn to meet Anika to take me home (she had auditions..ooh I forgot to mention I almost auditioned for choir, I;m going back tomorrow)

and that was it, well done for reading all that, I'm of to bed - night

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