Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where is that??

Well another insane day to add to my collection, it started like any other, 85c bagel from star bucks, watching Ever After and figuring out new ways to disguise the smoke smell in the room when I suddenly remembered that I forgot to warn Mark (my friendly and conveniently placed cab driver – number 4) to take me to uni this morning, thanks to my amazing luck he was gone, so a call to the cab company and a $5 key deposit back later I was on my way, my bag three times heavier thanks to my little shopping spree.

It was inevitable that we got lost, but the guy was really sweet, and on my nervous glance at the meter he promptly turned it of and said “don’t worry luv, that’s just for me, I’m happy to help out a starving student” (no I don’t look starving) so for $15 and a slab of pound cake I thanked him for helping and trundled towards the student centre who of course told me to go somewhere else

Who told me to go somewhere else…who told me to go somewhere else, I finally ended up in Arroyo Vista an international house (via a lift from someone at the international office) who had sent me a message 4 days earlier about a spot…well lets just say it didn’t work out and thanks to the help of Oana “we have a lost little girl here who has no one to guide her, tell me there’s something you can do!” and Ramond “No, this girl has been trapsing the campus long enough, the buck stops here, she needs help now!” I went to EAP (via golf buggy) and left my bags so that I could look around and attend the orientation (total waste of time…I did however almost win a t-shirt...but I gave it to the guy behind me who yelled out the answer even though the lady picked me)

There was heaps around campus stalls boasting food, promises and happy faces, but I couldn’t stay and chat as my no housing situation got more and more grave, after another jam bagel and a swig of flavoured water it was edging into the late afternoon and I started to freak, no one seemed to have a place then hope...a guy had a room going for 950 a month however after lugging all my bags there (about a 10 min excursion) it was a miss communication and it wasn’t available for 2 weeks….aggghhhh

Leaving my bags there I went to the library…5:30 nothing…6 nothing…finally I called Anika back “I’m desperate, I know you don’t have a bed…but can I sleep on your floor?”…”we have a couch”….”Perfect!!”

So teriyaki beef, edamame and salad for dinner was followed by a smoothie for desert I made my way back to Harry’s to get my stuff and offered to pay for a lift to Anika’s, luckily his dad grew up in Brisi so he was more than happy to help out an ozzi in need “my dad would kill me” now I’m at Anikas getting comfy on her couch and I haven’t stoped talking since I got here (I think I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms)

Lets see were I end up tomorrow
Oh and Heroes is on tonight!!!!!

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