Friday, September 28, 2007

Put some Snags on the barbi will ya

Awaking this morning to a light breeze stroking my face and the distant giggle of sorority girls preparing for the last day of rush I lazily rolled over to check whether Sanda was awake yet, smiling to myself as I realised I had no were to be.

It was overcast for the first time and as the numbers clicked over on Sanda’s alarm clock I watched it hit 8 and go of loudly, awaking Sanda with a start. Pulling on my uggs I made my way down stairs for my first dorm brecci, toast with veggi and honey (not together...although that sounds interesting) The bread tastes a little stale but I think that’s the brand.

Chatting lazily to Sanda as she ate her cereal we agreed that after she finished her first class she would come back to drive my to Target to finally get some linen and other tid bits (my plastic bag covered shower thongs were a disaster!) before driving down to see her folks for the weekend.

While waiting I caught up on some emails and added some photos to the onsite album (to download 8 took me 40 minutes…) catching me in the middle of changing (trust me to pick that exact time to take my top of…awkward) we had a laugh and I finished as she went to pick up her car (right about this time I thought I’d be clever and call home…it was three in the morning…sorry Vettie)

Getting lost we stopped at Starbucks to ask for directions then spent the next hour getting lost in the massive target picking up various bargains (man does Sanda have a good eye, we got a pillow case, sheet and mattress cover for 10 bucks! Yoohoo)
After dropping me back I said good bye and headed into uni to finally finish enrolling in courses as well as pick up some lunch, groceries (I went a little crazy) and finally speaking to Lil and the fam…been a while (sorry)

Then, struggling to the bus (there was an embarrassing amount of sweat involved in this pursuit) I took my groceries home to unpack, making a friends with a girl who offered to help me take them to my dorm, asking along the way whether I was having a party…I sheepishly answered it was all for me and with raised eyebrows we spent the next few minutes in silence

Once unpacked I started my washing and did some typing then getting ancy headed out to AV commons to join in the Luau, involving fun, fried chicken and open mic…I was even the first to jump up in a competition of hula skills dragging the entire 1090 dorm with me, and cheered on by my own dorm. Once over, and winner deciding time I accepted defeat knowing the boys had put on a bit of a show , however once asked to introduce my self and were I came from, I had all support behind me once again, GO AUSTRALIA!! (There was no winner)

As it grew dark and the bitting wind became too much (and lets face it the talent dwindled) I headed back to make myself dinner and watch some tv, after while I was joined by a couple of the boys (one English and one American) trying to convince me to come to the foam party, instead we chatted for a while, touching on accents, tv shows and other international differences while they waited for the girls to get ready and come down, then after a spot of chess (I just watched the bloodshed) and a promise I would join them at the beach tomorrow (“good girl”) they headed out the girls asking why I wasn’t going “Too cold and too wet, you’re all skinny, take a towl your gonna freeze to death coming back” : )

Now I’m looking at my nicely made bed (yay for linen) and looking forward to a rollicking breakfast of pancakes tomorrow and a day at the beach (lets hope it doesn’t rain)

P.S. send me some ozzi slang, theres a big post board here and I can't think of many


Anthony said...

The beach, daaaaamn!

Also, no Heroes spoilers, new season starts here next Thursday (yeah, I know we're already behind, but it's not as bad as when Heroes first started here).

Lel said...

Hey dude

we didn't end up going to the beach (tomorrow) all the guys had hang overs from the party last it should be getting warm your way, you should go with libby or some of the guys, and in terms of Heroes, you'll only be an episode behind, although I missed the start of it last week as I was watching the wrong chanel accidently (they have adds for other chanels on channels..if that makes sense)

Anthony said...

Wow, that's kinda...weird! :X