Saturday, December 1, 2007

Aggh thats good joe!

Hey there weekenders! It's the end of my Saturday and as my eyes droop uncontrollably and my fingers slow on the keyboard I write to you watching "Meet the Robinson's!" thanks to my birthday present from Anthony (again your the best..thank you!). I began the day at 9, waking previously to my alarm (thankfully I'd only set it for 7) stumbling downstairs in shorts and a jumper (I make sure to dress for both seasons just in case) for a few snacks. Satisfied I grabbed my book and headed to the market for a few groceries, some fruit tasting and a large cinnamon and raison loaf (I missed out on zinabons again).

Walking away, bags of goodies swinging merely on my arms, I made my way to Golden spoon for some strawberry cheesecake flavored yogurt and then Cha for chicken and potato curry and a hot tea. Feeling satisfied that I'd done enough work for the morning I proceeded to visit Will, who had just taken out some new comics, gleaming, colourful and tempting my curiosity in their glossy packets. At traders I loaded up on frozen fruit and veggies, then after stopping at Albertson's on the way back for meats I arrived home to a full kitchen, were I caught up with Brandon, a fellow ozzie and the rest of the gang, discussing petrol prices (I didn't realise they only pay 70 cents a litre) and plans for the weekend.

Unable to put of my essay any longer I slowly climbed the stairs to my room and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to write...totally unsuccessful in my attempts I also danced, sang, drew, surfed the web and hit my head against the desk trying to come up with an interesting thesis.

Dinner was broccoli, peas and crab meat topped with a generous helping of hoisin sauce, then after an apple for dessert and a political discussion watching the liberal debate on telli, I went back to my room sucking on a tootsie roll lollipop and dreading the essay mocking me on my computer! I gave up at 10 after getting nowhere (and suffering a seriously sore head) finishing instead my review of Still life with Iris and writing to you. Now I better go to bed

until tomorrow : )

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