Saturday, December 22, 2007

A new (short) do : )

It began late as I blissfully lay in bed knowing I had nothing to do and nowhere to be. I finally relented at 9 and slipped out of bed into my uggs and downstairs for brecci. Browsing the fridge and trying to get rid of the last of my groceries I had a variety of different foods smooshed together in a bowl then feeling a little sick and vowing never to put that combination together again I trudged upstairs to sort out my room.

As most things didn’t open till later that day I figured I’d take everything I owned and put it on Sanda’s bed as she was already packed and gone. After an hour of heaving, placing, sorting and folding I packed what I could in the box sent to me earlier this quarter and gathering together some things for the day I made my way down to the office to complete my second errand for the day – moving out.

Unfortunately they told me I had to move out then and there, so after signing a few documents and handing over my key I quickly popped back up to the dorm to make sure people would be there this afternoon to let me in. (Thank god Reiko is leaving on the 28th!) Saying goodbye and thank you to Rani, even if I was a little miffed about being forced out on the day (you think they’d let me keep the keys and put it in a drop box – anyway) I left then for the University Centre to mail the 20pound box I had lug all the way there!!!

After grabbing a yoghurt and discussing with the ladies in the post office how much I could take on the plane we agreed it would be a better idea to take the box with me (saved me $95) So grabbing a seat in Cha and ordering some lunch and a drink I sat and drew for the next few hours.

Mid afternoon I decided to head back, crossing my fingers someone would be there to let me in. It was a long walk, almost keeling over half way due to the giant box I had to lug all the way back! I’ve never come that close to just giving up, seriously I got three quarters of the way there and really considered just leaving it on the sidewalk. Luckily it has all my drawings in it (the only reason I didn’t)

Shaking and close to crying I finally made it home to a locked door and empty house, letting out a small silent scream I was determined to get in so putting down my things I walked up the side stairs and began banging like a mad women on the door, finally hearing the sound of rustling and mumbling I called out for Johnny, “Lesley is that you” Thankfully he let me in and I could relax.

Later that afternoon I met Johnny, Reiko and a friend downstairs to make rice balls and chat, then after a dinner of salad and using the left over rice in a stir fry (I cut the veggies) I left them to continue drawing. Finishing waving to Sanda disappearing in the distance after a teary final goodbye, I went to the gym to distract myself. It was pretty quite and deadly cold when I left to go back. That night I couldn’t sleep, finally falling into a light doze at 4am.

I awoke at 7 and unable to fall asleep again I had some breakfast and took my computer and sketchbook to the markets. The Day was spent browsing the markets, drawing in Cha, Shopping at Fashion Island were I had my hair done and bumped into Brisa who took me to South Coast Plaza. It was here I bought a few things from Gap, transferring funds into my account using the internet from a really nice lady trying to get people to buy the Disney channel. Then catching a cab home and managing to get the guy to give me a flat rate of $30 I grabbed some yoghurt from Golden Spoon and headed home. One more day to go : (

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