Friday, December 14, 2007

sorry for the delay

Ok, its been a busy few days so I'll try my best to remember, friday started unusually late, getting up at 9: 30 when I had planed to be ready with errands done at 10. Fortunately the rest of the girls were also a little weary (or still sleeping) and were happy to postpone our ARC trip to midday.

I hurried then to get ready and busied myself for the next couple of hours by handing in assignments, giving out christmas cards, saying goodbye to a few people and grabbing tea and yoghurt from the University centre. I also had an awkward goodbye with Marian from Trader Joes, when I gave her the card I mistook her "is this it?" for "is this all your giving me" and nodding was given a huge hug and fairwell, now I don't know whether I can go back in there, and I just ran out of dried mango...

I arrived back at the dorm right on time, and was surprised to see everyone totally not ready, after another hour of waiting and wishing I hadn't rushed my tea, we were finally on our way at 1. Anna, Rieko, Mariko, Lauren and I headed to the ARC for the ULTIMATE sports day, I was determined to try EVERY single sport you could do.

After a few stretches we started with Squash, I explained the rules and after a while practicing we had a few matches, Lauren won (she does rowing and is one of those sporty people that just picks things up naturally) Laughing at our patheticness and how we almost killed each other a few times we exchanged out rackets for Badminton equipment and a volleyball. It was 1 on 1 and 1 on 2 in Badminton with Rieko and I against Lauren, we spent most of the time dancing and making sounds as we hit the ball (which sent me into a fit of hysterics) then it was loser volleyball, as we couldn't play properly and made the rules that you could catch the ball but only for a second.

This of course meant that ball catching involved a scream, chucking it in the air then laughing madly. Saying goodbye to Anna as she had to go to the post office we headed out to the basketball courts were Mariko and I won against lauren and Reiko, I'm sure it was because of the game plan I had devised before we began

"Ok Mariko, we're small so they have the advantage"
"So we have to be sneaky"
'Oh yes, yes"
"get low and grab the ball when you can"

We won 4 to 5 and surprisingly I shot all of our goals, lucky shots... I ran back to exchange our equipment then met the others on the tennis courts for the worst game of tennis EVER (was spent half the time staring into the sun and the rest of the time chasing after the ball! giving up I proposed we played handball, which lasted for about 1/2 an hour, the highlight when Mariko explained to Reiko the rules in Japanese : )

Last on the list was Ping Pong, then sliding around on the slippery floor in the Athletics room we called it a day. Later that night after dinner and a shower I helped Evelyn ice cookies for Meredeth and helped Meredeth deliver them to the staff in the AV office. Once back Anna and I borrowed a video from Blockbuster and after chugging down half a tub of yogurt and my left over Pasta we settled down to watch Moulin Rouge.

It was so great, seeing it on the tv instead of broken up on my computer, I fell asleep to the road to El Darado that night, dreaming of yogurtland the next day.

Because I went to bed at 11:30 I woke up @ 7:30, glad to get up and go the markets. It was the same as usual, grabbing a zinabon, OJ, dates and tasters whilst listening happily to the Jamacan singer playing his drums and singing about the people in the market

"Look at the girl in the grey sweater, she's dancin in the street cos it makes her heart sing, she'll be dancin to the car..."

Grabbing my bounty and heading to Cha I spent the rest of the morning drinking and drawing (the same guy I drew last time sat next to me) I was also joined for a while by Reiko who spent the whole time watching me draw (she's got patience, I felt so bad, like I was ignoring her, but she was happy to look over my shoulder...for an hour)

Saying goodbye to the girls and handing Brisa her drawing I grabbed some groceries from TJ (Marian wasn't there) and headed back for lunch with Jen, what started out as lunch at Japanese with Jen, her boyfriend and his friend, turned into Lunch and shopping at South Coast Plaza with Jen, Jan, Elodie and Nami. It was really fun (except for my lunch...$12 for a soggy omelet, cold toast and old fruit) the highlight was actually finding a park!

On our way back home we stopped by yogurtland then walking back from Albertsons (I had to meet Sarah at the dorm) I arrived, had dinner and waited on the couch for her to show. It was a long drive to her church but filled with discussing movies and other fun topics. We waited in the line after meeting a few people, trailing in at 7 for a 7:30 start. It was Sarah, me, Peter and James (her brothers) and her Dad. It was a great show, the highlight was the bell choirs - they play songs just using bells - and singing christmas carols.

When the show was over and I had filled up every space on my program with drawings (I couldn't help it they put a pencil right in front of me) I was taken around to meet a few very excited people "Oh my god, are you really from Australia, wait say something, agghh I love you, you have to hang out with us!" then it was home, discussing favorite cartoons, B grade movies and cult/trash flicks the whole way.

I left after playing her a Cheetah girls song, arriving in the dorm to watch the end of Kung Paw (I had to go upstairs as I was laughing so much I couldn't breath) now I'm listening to the commentary on Moulin Rouge and typing for you guys, call me for further details as I've left out a few things

send me updates to what your up to : )

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