Friday, December 7, 2007

The giant meat ball!!

hey gang, I welcome some new readers, WELCOME, ok now thats done, my day started at 6, well 3 past, I needed that extra three minutes to figure out if it was day, once again our light was on which meant Sanda had pulled another all nighter, I don't know how she does it! I got up and decided to go for an early morning jog as it seems the best time to do it, good weather and empty streets. coming back after a short session in the weight room, I had breaki, showered and collecting sweets from the fridge headed to Drama for my final lesson! : (

We began with a warm up then jumped straight into our new monologues, feeling pretty confident with the words of hamlet swimming in my head "Speak Illusion" I was called up after a few had had their turn. What a disaster, I was so nervous for some reason I couldn't remember my lines and in turn kept falling out of character, I just wish I could have acted something from a film or something modern, Shakespeare always confuses me, making it 10 times harder to remember on the spot. I always get surprised when people laugh in Shakespeare because I never understand the joke for all I know he wrote "Then I went to the bathroom" I end up just laughing along with everyone else, pretending I know whats going on.

After our monologues had been run through we headed outside for snacks and conversation, then saying goodbye for the last time after the BIGGEST group hug I've ever had in my life, I told everyone I'd keep in touch and made my way back to the dorm. grabbing my computer and other tidbits it wasn't long before I was walking through campus taking time out to grab supplies from the book store, and book my flights for San francisco at STA travel. $234 later and a salad from Greens to go I went to meet Ulysis at Cyber A for a chat about Aborigines (ps, does any one know that play that was written about the stolen generation and the projects the communities were put into? I'm pretty sure it was written by a women) then keeping my promise to buy a shirt from Arlyn I picked up a green T with an ogre on the front and continued into the uni centre for a large serving of yogurt and a hot tea at Cha.

I also got my lip waxed but in the wierdest way ever! The lady approached me with a string and simply said "wax or threading" I looked at her shocked, expecting her to pull out a needle.."sorry?" I said staring anxiously at the thread, basically what happens is they twist the thread over the hair so that it catches and gets yanked out, this painful repition lasts for about 2 minutes...longest 2 minutes of my life, plus I was in the hairdressing chair in front of everyone sqwirming like a 5 year old getting their teeth taken out, my eyes were also watering and I kept laughing from the pain...yes I react in strange ways!

After my hot tea, and illustrative addition to my friends name tag (drew a little penguin) I headed into uni for video, which involved watching Mikes and Christines final peices (I'll get a copy of Mikes as I'm in it and you can delight in me spending a minute pretending to fall through the air, got my oscar nod : p then we watched a few of Ulysis.

Bummed out I couldn't stay for the opening of senior ex (three live DJ's and free food!) I went back to the dorm to meet everyone for Bucca de Beppos a family type Italian resteraunt (the large size meals serve about 4 or more people). Unfortunately this involved a lot of waiting around as we hadn't booked, but once we had been led in through the kitchen, (thankful Sam and Mike had stopped playing knuckles - especially as Sams were bright red) we were sat at the table and went on to enjoy a huge feast, lots of laughs, a few games a Chinese whispers and a thankyou speech for the card (going away card) as well as the experience and memories they've given me : )

Cleaning up the fridge for tomorrow on my return (cleaners are going to sought things out tomorrow) I said goodnight and headed upstairs for bed, well thats it from me

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