Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"OMG these are the bomb..what is in these cookies?"...."butter, lots of butter"

Hello faithful bloggers, especially those that have hung in there from the beginning, not long to go now when I'll be back amongst most of you and you can look forward to me retelling these tales in person, with animated hand gestures, awkward expressions and what I hope is a totally intact good'ol Australian accent...someone yesterday said I sounded american..whatever!

Today began at 7, as I knew I had to revise my essay before its 3pm deadline. Getting up purely for the thought of having cinnamon toast for breakfast, I trudged downstairs to toasty, butter goodness, fruit on the side. Unable to prolong breakfast in longer it was back upstairs to go over some work, and once finished and sent to FedEx I mucked around on final cut to begin editing my video (that pursuit was short lived).

At around midday, I got restless and decided to head into the uni centre with my wallet and sketch book, stopping to chat to mum along the way (no not in person). Once there it was a trip to traders and a stay at Golden Spoon (In the spirit of christmas they had St Nick mint today..first time eva...sooo delicious) gobbling down me tub of goodness in surprising time, I said goodbye and went to pick up my print job from FedEx...$1.30 - bargain! paper under my arm and reminiscing about the chat with Will and Holly (Holly and I were discussing scaring siblings, as will had tried to scare me yesterday at Traders but it didn't work - I told him I had two younger sisters and was used to being snuck up on, I also think I have a second layer of skin on my feet to stop the effects of tickling - turns out Holly likes to scare her cat... definitely a you tube video).

At cha I did some drawings of the people sitting around me, then finishing my tea headed onto campus to say hi to Arlyn (tried on some tops) then buying a huge board from the book store began my final art work. It wasn't long before I needed to be in class, so arriving with a few minutes to spare I made my self comfy and handed my essay and storyboard analysis to Daynah.

We discussed the tale of two sisters, watching snippets from the movie and debating how effective the method of narration was. At 10 to 5 I collected my things together and dropping Benny's evaluations at the drama office stopped in one last time to see Arlyn (bought him a coffee as he couldn't leave his stand). At home I had a quick dinner then got to work, but seeing Sanda sick in bed, decided I'd do art instead and left her alone to sleep. At 6:30 I thought I'd go for a run before my SC meeting, arriving on time for 7 for an hour of house discussion and making up exam gift packages for each house. At home it was CHRISTMAS, I sat drawing watching everyone decorate the house, laughing and singing and making stacks of cookies! this lasted till about 11:30 then hands shaking and slightly cross eyed from doing my piece I called it quits and came to bed.

Night xo

This is my drama class!

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