Sunday, December 9, 2007

What time is it? Summer time!

Ok I'm back, still pretty buggered, but just able to give the rundown on the last two days, after all I have to do something while I'm waiting for Moulin Rouge to download (I know, naughty but I did finish my artwork, I gotta celebrate somehow)

Yesterday was pretty easy going, I got to the markets early, determined not to miss out on a zinnabon, and thanks to my punctuality I grabbed a nice big one before they were all gone. I continued to do my usual browse, grab some dates, mossy, buy some OJ, more mossy, saying thank you to the people that commented on my socks...and just a touch more moseying.
Moseyed out I went back into the centre, stopping by Trader Joes for bread and mangoes, then settling down on a bench to do some study and wait for Golden spoon to open, I rugged up in the wind smiling, listening and watching all the families having fun walking about.

Getting through a large portion of my book, I rewarded myself with cookies and cream and strawberry cheesecake flavoured yogurt, then headed into Cha for beef stew and salad for lunch. Promising myself I wouldn't leave before I had finished filling in all my study guide I also ordered a large Taro with extra pearls for brain strength. After a few hours I was satisfied and packing my computer (that was almost dead) headed back to the dorm, stopping by Albertsons to buy ingredients for Chai tea.

Arriving back home just as the rain started to sprinkle down I grabbed some snacks and headed to my room to put my things away and get comfy. I then spent THE REST OF THE NIGHT (till 1am) drawing for my art assignment, having a break for dinner, lollies and a ping pong match with Sam and his friend.

I gave up as it hit one, unable to feel my hands and having shown them all the Australian music I had so saying good night I had a shower and went to bed : )

Today I got up much later heading downstairs at around 9:30 for my extra large zinnabon and fresh OJ. Then doing some final touches on the movie I grabbed my visual media books and headed to Cha for a lunch and another study session. After chicken salad, tea and a good few hours revising film techniques, styles and theories I hugged Brisa goodbye and quickly explaining to some of the guys why I chose UCI headed to Alakazam for a browse and a chat.

On the way home I stopped by Albertsons for some blank DVD's bumping into another Cha worker and catching up on study efforts. (Funnily it was at that exact self serve register that I bumped in Julian yesterday (live nude member) seems to be the hot spot for meeting acquaintances : ) Back home it was straight back to work after getting into tracky dacks and burning my movie on DVD. I spent the rest of the night working on art, watching movies (High School Musical 2 yeah!) and trying to apply for courses next year.

Now its of to bed for a good sleep
Wish me luck for my exam tomorrow : )

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