Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Get inspired B%^&$H!! - name of a piece

OMG, I knew I had forgotten something last night...MY BLOG, woops ok run down of yesterday
I woke up late, groaning loudly from lack of sleep, and after switching of my alarm continued sleeping for another 2 hours, unfortunately I woke up at 10, realising I had totally missed my meeting with Chris and felt incredibly groggy. feeling bad I gobbled down breakfast and headed into uni for lunch (I know not exactly a long wait) and whilst sitting in Cha enjoying my hot tea I checked my emails, returning Chris's with an apology for my tardiness and a promise to make it up on Friday.
Feeling slightly full I headed into Alakazam for a long chat with Will about comic art and a few of his favourites, then it was more art when I bumped into Arlyn (the guy I met at the markets last weekend) - he's exhibiting at the fair on ring road, so I got to look through his sketchbook...crazy awesome!!

After saying hi to Flo, thomas and the gang at EAP as well as a quick drawing session it was of to Visual Media for THE SCARIEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN!! it's a south Korean film, "the tale of two sister" its really REALLY scary, Sarah and I were holding hands almost the entire time! Even the guys were screaming at one stage...I could see PRofessor Blim laughing evilly at the back (its her favourite movie). Scared to walk home in the dark I paired up with Sarah and helped her carry her books back to the dorm. Once home and fed I agreed to meet Sam later for a trip to the gym, and at 7:45 we had gathered a crowd of followers to come along.

The gym was fun, working out as a team, Jen and I left early to watch Heroes, and the others came half way through. Heroes was great!...but upsetting as it was the final episode. Back in my room I found it difficult to concentrate and knowing I had an early morning decided I'd call it a night.

Sanda stayed up all night doing homework, which meant I got up regurly thinking it was day (her light was on). At 6, I became sick of trying to get back to sleep so I got up, got dressed and headed to the gym, having a couple of hours before I needed to be in class. I welcomed the stuffy air as I entered the arc and shaking of the icy air outside ran a few laps of the indoor track.

Coming back after an hour or so for breakfast and a shower, I got dressed and remembering to grab my camera, got to class with time to do some more drawing. Class was pretty low key, as things are winding down for the end of the quarter, after pairing with Garett and giving each other massages and going through relaxing routines we met Benny one by one for a catch up, and being last I was able to take everyones photo and continue my drawing project.

After Class I headed back to the room to make Jens Birthday card, then having exhausted all my coloured pens and pencils I left Sanda sleeping, tacked it on Jens door and headed into uni for yogurt and lunch (heating up a pretzel for the journey). Getting a massive hug upon my arrival at Cha, I left my friend to continue training the new girl and set up in my favourite corner for a tea and study.

Checking the time and leaving room to dordle I said goodbye and on the way to class stopped by Arlyn's Booth again to show him MY sketchbook and get some great pointers about perspective, figure drawing and line technique. I was late to Art, but arriving silently, stood with the rest to hear about Mara's favourite artists and then later discuss our ideas. Leaving early with good news (class is cancelled on thursday..unless you wanted to make up a grade) I moseyed around the bookstore for a new art book then continued back to Claire Trevor with pretzels and sore shoulders (carrying my laptop around is getting painful).

Video was also pretty layed back, we watched a video made by outcast, it was surprisingly good, with an interesting story line, cool music and nice special effects. Walking out into darkness remembering to write down my meeting time with Ulysis, I headed to Zot greens for dinner and after a chai late at Starbucks whilst I cought up on some work I grabbed a tub of yoghurt and headed back to Claire Trevor for the performance art show - "Reaction tour"

It was really crazy, intense and extremely messy, just as an example one girl held up a piece of paper started ripping it and after holding it up with a smiley face torn out said.."this is you" she then ripped it up and threw it on the table, on top of this she put rubbish, poured out a bottle of tomato sauce, custard, mustard, a box of sugar, burst open a tub of pudding (which spurted all over the poor girl in the front row) as well as a few other things, she finished by taking a picture of it with her phone and saying..."this is you, I can make a mess over you, but I wont cry over you" it continued like this throughout the night, with the final act pouring black paint all over herself (I do not envy the person who has to clean up the mess in there!)

I left Kathy and her friend for the bus, sneaking out as much free food as I could carry. then meeting Jessie, Reiko and some others caught the shuttle back with them going straight to Jens room to deliver all the goodies I had collected. I found out they were going to yogurt land, so not wanting to pass up the oppurtunity (I know what your thinking...that is a serious amount of yogurt...but I'm leaving soon, I gotta make the most of it) I left with Jen, Josh and Eugene for a tub of delight chatting about accents and the performance there and back.

As we walked back in I wondered why everything was dark, then just as I thought it was strange that peopel were standing in the dark kitchen the lights switched on and everyone yelled SURPRISE!! It was great, we all sang Happy Birthday to Jen, then mingling for a little while I headed to my room to finally load Final Cut on my computer.

Now I should probably be of to bed
...Nah! ; p

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Anthony said...

"OMG, I knew I had forgotten something last night...MY BLOG"

Hehe, I was wondering what happened to it last night...

"Now I should probably be of to bed
...Nah! ; p"

That's the spirit!