Monday, December 10, 2007

For your viewing pleasure

Hey everyone, man am I in a good mood, today was my final session with Chris after a run around the campus (almost froze my arms of) saying goodbye and giving her a chrissy card I left for the uni centre were after an eggplant and chicken sandwhich for lunch and yogurt for dessert I nestled myself in Cha for a few hours of study.

Finishing my taro tea and reading till the internet went funny on my computer, I left for EAP to continue my dedication. 1/2 an hour before the exam was scheduled to begin I sold my text book at the bookstore (wont be needing that any more : ) and purchasing a 27cent blue book (exam booklet) I struggled to keep all the knowledge I had just retained from dribbling out my ears.

Getting a good seat in the back and waiting for them to check our books I yelled goodluck to everyone and we were of. It wasn't as scary or hard as I thought and after about 40 minutes of completing checking and re-checking! I handed it in, took a photo with Daynah (my TA) and headed out with Sarah, discussing our alternate papers (she got paper B were as I got A, I suppose its to stop us copying of each other in the close space..makes sense)

Saying goodbye to her at the bookstore I continued to the university centre to CELEBRATE!! This involved buying two books from the comic store (there goes my cash back from the text book), beef stew for dinner at Cha along with another Taro tea with EXTRA pearls (again) whilst I enjoyed reading my books. Picking up some dried mango on the way home I spoke to Yvette before popping into the video store to splurge on a few DVD's (El dorado, The page master and The princess of thieves).

As soon as I was back I got changed and settled down on my bed to watch the page Master. Just as I began to delve into the special features Sanda mentioned she and Scott were heading to Yogurtland, wondering if I wanted to come along "Heck yeah!" man (best day eva!!) so trying 6 flavours (cookies n cream, mango, cheescake, strawberry, taro and another) then heaping all sorts of fruit on top I paid my $3.22 and sat down with them to enjoy.

It was a short drive back, discussing the brave little toaster and other childhood favourites. Then saying goodbye and goodluck to Scott I began El Dorado

Now for your viewing pleasure a peek at how deliriously happy I am today
Please laugh your pants of (I did!)

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