Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm walkin on Sunshine

Hey friends

Today turned out to be awesome, beginning with a jog and breakfast (not at the same time) I finished watching the princess of thieves, whilst getting ready for the days activities. Having showered and got dressed I headed into the Uni center struggling with my artwork in the wind to arrive 15 minutes later, finding a good seat in Cha to relax and draw (after some yogurt and lunch).

Watching the time closely I left just past 12 promising Brisa I'd draw her some baby polar bears and aiming get to class by one. I arrived early, and used the time to write in a card for the live nudes. As people started drearily filing in we set up our feast of cakes, biscuits and pizza and began critiquing, discussing and commending the work on display. I was really happy that everyone liked mine, especially considering how much time I had put into it, however all too soon it was time to get to Video and saying goodbye, good luck and thank you to everyone I was given a chorused "goodbye lesley" as I walked wistfully through the door. laughing as I heard a huge chorus again as I left the building, "Goodbye" I called back smiling, then I turned and headed down the steps of 160 for the last time.

Waiting for video to start in the labs I met those who had turned up in the classroom and we began showing our films. Brett was first with "the Dream Machine" it was really well edited with a nice use of green screen to give a vertigo effect as he spun from room to room (at one point I got really dizzy though) unfortunately after the class had finished congratulating him Ulysis tore him to shreds! (It had no story, vacant, didn't consult with anyone etc...) Watching him closely to see whether he'd tear up, I sank further into the chair waiting for my time to come.

After Hannan had been equally critisised it was my turn, I hesitated not wanted harsh feedback after all my hard work, but it was no use delaying ("shouldn't we wait for Hannan to get back from making popcorn?") and after giving a short explanation about my efforts, idea and process it was time for the film to speak for itself.

Surprisingly it went pretty well, with his biggest criticism being I could have pushed the music further (no music to make it a little more edgy). relieved I sunk back into my chair and waited for class to end. At 6 we gave up waiting for Chris to show up and after giving another farewell speech we began to trickle out into the cold night air (or freezing night air really). Chris suddenly showed screeching in on his bike and pulled us back inside to watch the show, unfortunately I couldn't stay so wishing him luck I headed to Pippins to meet Nami and Jen for dinner.

It was buffet style and by the end of the hour I had gotten my 8.50's worth (two types of pasta with meatballs, Pork stirfry, salad, eggs, 2 beef tortillas, a taste of a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich (when in America) bread roll, bran muffin, jelly, yogurt, milk, OJ, two BBQ chicken breasts with veggies, and on the way out I stashed two eggs, a bagel, an apple and some cookies in my bag!) my tray was almost toppling over with plates when I carried it to the kitchen : )

I left the others at the carpark and headed to Trader Joes to buy chocolates for the live Nudes then slipping in the chrissy card walked over to Little Theatre to watch the practice run and help set up. When I arrived I was given a big hello after a few had allready said hi ("ok everyone say their hellos to Lesley.."HI LESLEY") smiling and waving like an idiot I took a seat up the back and began drawing. Just before they headed outside to the begin the pre-show I offered to tape it (Natasha was trying to sticky tape her camera to the tripod).

The show was great, except for the fact I couldn't find the tripod when I came back and had to hold the camera steady for an hour (OUCH!) After the show I infiltrated the crowd with the camera catching the tears, hugging and laughter as they celebrated their final show. Then when everyone had left and the camera ran out of film I watched them swap secret Santa presents and cleaned up the hall (collecting lost property - I found 5 pacers!! score).

Just before I left, Natasha called out that they open my present and going bright red I tried to sneak away, taking too long to find my stuff they read the card aloud in front of me then rushed up to hug me "I touched her first!!" It was so nice, I think I split my lip I was smilling so much! promising to keep in touch I left quietly skipping away into the night so high I don't even remember the walk home ; p

Once home I had a long chat with Jessie then at 1am headed upstairs to bed, falling asleep to the pagemaster as Sanda promised she'd turn it of.

The next morning began at 10 and happened fairly leasurly, breakfast was cereal and fuit then after writing a list of errands I headed into Uni to sit in Cha for 5 hours drawing and talking with friends.

as it got dark I finished the last dregs of my second Taro tea (on the house courtesy of Brisa) then strolled home stopping by Alberstsons for a few groceries.

feeling as though my bum was flat from all the sitting I then headed back outside for a walk and a spell at the gym, bumping into Clayton and Benny from drama. comming back it took me 40 minutes to get through the house to my room as I was stopped on each landing for a chat and week synopsis breakdown.

Now after getting Meredith to take me to the Train station tomorrow (phew! it would have taken me two hours by bus - opposed to 10 minutes) I'm in my room writing to all you lovely people and thinking excitedly of tomorrow.

Until then : )


Anthony said...

I look forward to it. :>

Btw, tut tut Lel, posting at 1AM! In other news:

Lel said...

Hey dude, can you send me the link as its not showing up properly here : )
P.S> what did you think of the video?

Anthony said...

Just copy and paste that if you can't click it.

I didn't load the video, they take AGES on my connection, sorry. :<