Friday, December 7, 2007


Hey everyone, you are reading the blog of one very pleased girl, I finished my video today, well its 95% done, which is the best feeling the world! This probably has something to do with the fact I've spent the last 6 and a half hours working on it! The day didn't start with this in mind as I rushed down stairs discovering I had slept in and was about to miss my appointment with Chris again!

It was breakfast on the go and short stroll onto campus to see me arrive in the office with 5 minutes to spare - phew! We spent the hour discussing exam stress and yoga techniques then it was straight to the bookstore to meet So Young. Unfortunately she didn't show up, so after doing a quick circle of the student centre to double check and grab a snack or two I spent the hour before class in the EAP office, chatting first to Brendan about home, credit cards and Sydney transport then to Thomas about Sydney's demographic and were I live. (there's a picture of the Northbridge Bridge on Wikipedia!)

Worried about missing the start of class I hurried towards the HH building, nervously peering up at the large grey rain-clouds rolling in across the sky. The class involved us taking a test on narration and pairing up to complete a study guide, then wishign everyone a good weekend it was of under my umbrella to the uni centre for a chicken/eggplant sandwich, yogurt and some editing at Cha.

As I sat in the bustling cafe, glad that Amy was better, and chatting with the guy next to me that liked my socks I managed to get a little done, however it wasn't long before it was time to meet Nauy, and running late as I waited impatiently for the film to render, I packed up my computer and ran back to campus.

We discussed religion, finding out about the buddhist way of life then I taught her some difficult english words and parting after an hour made sure she knew she could always contact me if she needed help, or just a chat : )

Walking home happy the rain seemed to have passed I arrived to see Evelyn making cookies, so rolling up my sleeves and offering to do some stirring, I watched her expterly spoon them out onto a tray and continued upstairs to work on my film. Allowing myself only a dinner break I was determined to finish (listening whistfully to the jingle rock party outside). But at 10:20 my hard work payed of and I finally had something I was mildly happy with! excited and relieved I ran downstairs to tell everyone and seeing only Sam, dragged him upstairs to watch it.

Much to my amazement and delight, he liked it, so it was 6 and half hours well spent, he even mentioned looking forward to a sequel (lets not go that far shall we ; p

After my blog I think I'll join Sanda in sleep (she hasn't slept for three days) then its more work tomorrow, but by Tuesday it will all be over! YOohoO

- I'll try and post the video on my blog..I just have to figure out how


Anthony said...

Another "WOOT WOOT!" for you, m'dear!

Lel said...

thanks ; p