Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ok Birdie, work with me!

Today began at 8:30, early considering I didn't have to be any where till noon. I got up anyway when I remembered what was for breakfast and pulling on my uggs, headed downstairs for my hot spongy cinomon roll, fresh OJ and fruit...mmmm...wishing I hadn't finished so soon and flicking channels insesantly I came across "Pay it Forward" so decided to hang on the couch to watch it.

After a while Reiko joined me and we enjoyed the movie whilst making snowflakes from left over paper and string. Tearing up at the end and not wanting to ball my eyes out downstairs I mumbled that I needed to get dressed and headed upstairs with tears rolling down my cheeks, I hate sad movies!

once dressed and ready I headed to the ARC to meet Brisa for a game of Badminton. I thoroughly sucked, so luckily Brisa was pretty patient and able to save the birdie everytime I sent it careening over into the other courts. We eventually gave up and after handing in our equipment spent some time on the elliptical machines (they are so hard to use without looking stupid) and doing weights (her step dads a personal trainer so she knew her stuff). Of course we spent most of the time chatting and laughing, catching up on the weeks events as well as finding out more about each others backgrounds.

At 2:30 she had to shower and get to work so I left for a shower back in the dorm, and once I too was dressed and sweet smelling walked over to the uni centre for yogurt and a Tea. Sitting in Cha was also my Visual Media tutor Daynah and after saying hi, finding out my exam mark and getting my essay back I sat down for a major drawing session, including Brisa's new name tag (I drew baby polar bears all over it : )

It quickly got cold and dark outside, so leaving at 20 to 6 I hurried home for dinner. It was chicken and crab salad, drenched in Cha's thick tangy dressing whilst watching Brain Training - a series about the development of the brain...interesting stuff!

After a dessert of Jelly and yogurt I headed to my room to send some emails, do some drawing and of course write in me blog!
until tomorrow

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Anthony said...

Those bears are so darn cute!