Sunday, December 23, 2007

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

I can't believe its over, I leave tomorrow, I really do feel like I just arrived! Thanks to those that read every day and stuck to it (I may be speaking to only one person but...meh!)

Today happened fairly slowly I woke up from a touch and go sleep and freaking out before remembering I had my haircut (It felt like it was all gone) I stumbled downstairs for breakfast. Enjoying my Zinnabon and fresh OJ over Scooby Doo I then headed back up feeling full to attempt to stuff my suitcase...mild success...I think I may have broken something though, I guess I'll find out when I get back

Feeling satisfied I decided it was time to head into UC for some lunch and drinks. After yoghurt and a long drawing session at Cha I headed back paying my video fees along the way. Once home I crashed on the couch and didn't wake up for the next 2 and a half hours, maybe my bodies preparing for the time change ; p

I decided I'd hit the gym for a little while were I bumped into MIke from art and after having a chat and spotting him as he did some weights I left to get make some dinner. More leftovers (boring) I ate quickly, then sipping a Chai tea I flicked through channels watching bits and pieces of Shrek, Miss Congeniality, The grinch who stole christmas and a few other embarrasingly lame christmas specials.

After a while I decided I'd try and sell the hairdressing voucher I bought at the beginning of the quarter. After peddling for half and hour or so, being refused access into houses, and given lots of weirs looks, I finally came accross some one who was willing to buy it for $40...better than nothing : )

Now I'm chilling in the room doin nothin!

Kinda bored actually, I think this may be my last entry in America, the next will be from my room in Sydney!
Thanks again for sticking with it

I will keep going blog wise but it will be on a different page, If you want to keep up to date with my drawings and whats happening with my final year at Uni I welcome you to join me, stay tuned for the link

Until next time


Anthony said...

I can't believe it's just seems so normal now to get a slice of Lel through these colourful entries everyday.

Well, you're leaving with a tonne of fantastic memories and experiences that I'm sure you won't forget soon.

Lel said...

definitely not, oh and you get the prize for number one reader! I'll give you a gold star when I get back!

Anonymous said...
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G1toons said...

Oh wow your leaving, when do you leave? well keep in touch and drop me an email from time to time, did you get any leads from the ctn expo?
OK i know i shall see you soon working at one of these studios