Sunday, December 2, 2007

say that to my face ya limp noodle!

I FINISHED IT, thats right my friends I finished my essay! Can I hear a woot woot!! yeah, I'm so happy, the day started out with an ominous feel as it lay in my computer rough and meaningless, I had some cinnamon toast for breaki with OJ and fruit, then blaming the lack of fungshway in the room grabbed my computer and headed to the uni centre, determined only to come back when it was finished.

I began with yoghurt to get my creative juices flowing, then saying goodbye went straight to Cha to get started. I warmed up with some study notes, as it just involved finding the meanings of words in my film book, after looking up 20 or so I figured lunch wouldn't hurt, and chowed down on a chicken salad with a hot taro tea (extra pearls for energy). Unable to put it of any longer I began, working working working, thinking thinking..drinking, thinking. Finally the homework paralysis started to wear of and I felt the clogs start clicking away, I was of...over the next hour I wrote, read and revised until I was satisfied...and completely intellectually nakered, I still needed an intro and conclusion but at least majority was done.

UNable to justify sitting in Cha any longer, I said goodbye and headed home, stopping by alberstons for a tub of yoghurt and soft pretzels. I heated up a pretzel when I got home (just like wetzel pretzel..mmmm) then went up to my room to finish of the essay. Feeling very pleased with my self I went for a run later that afternoon, and after dinner treated my self by drawing for the rest of the night!

witness the fruits of my labour...


Anthony said...


(You get an extra woot for free)

Lovely drawings, as per usual. :>

Lel said...

thank you kind sir teehee

Anthony said...

You are quite welcome, madame!

*Bows and exits room*