Saturday, December 1, 2007

You must pay homage to the spoon!

Its late so I'm keeping this brief, well as brief as I can, if it cuts of I've fallen asleep at the keyboard. It began as most other mornings do, toast, fruit and a chat with Rieko, then after checking my emails and grabbing my things I ran into the rain (yes buckets and buckets of rain) to catch the bus into uni.

First on my list of things to do was meet So young, and whilst escaping the drizzle in Starbucks chatting with Sanj, we spotted each other, proceeding then to the student centre to chat. I spent the next hour with her and two of her friends answering homework questions and chatting about languages, accents and rice for breakfast...then realising with a jolt I had 2 minutes before class to make it across campus I wished them a great weekend and holding my brand new FLURO LIME GREEN umbrella above my head fought the wind to make it just in time.

We had an exam, before which we were told we all sucked in the last critical analysis (thanks for the confidence boost) and after stressing for 20 minutes about failing I handed in my test to receive my c- : ( which according to Daynah was marked lightly...dude, I so made a mess of that one...a little miffed ("don't worry I let slide your aussie slang" that would be english...yeah, they started it..sorry) but determined to kick ass on the next one, I left for the uni centre for lunch.

Heading to traders for sushi I passed the french bakery slowing to see Sanda in the window waiting for lunch, changing the plan just as the rain came down with torrential force I skipped inside for an eggplant/chicken sandwich and a deep chat about our respective school systems.

Saying goodbye I moved on to yogurt for dessert, discussing with the owner the flavours of the month (they have mint flavour and cookies'n'cream!) then it was of course to Cha for an extra large taro tea, with extra pearls, and an extra special chat with an extra cool girl whilst trying to finish my extra BORING essay due wednesday. phew!

later in the afternoon I began my chat with Nauy, discussing our plans for the weekend and what we had done for the past two...we also got on the topic of monsoons. Grabbing yogurt pretzels and showing her the way to the ticket booth I walked with her to the bus stop then, spying my bus, agreed to meet next week, meeting another familiar face inside and lamenting about my dwindling time in the US.

Discovering, once in the dorm, of plans to watch Mulan and Lion King 1 1/2 I cut my gym time short and once back had dinner watching the end of sambas pride. It was then time for shower and some catch up, as well as have a squiz at the book Mere gave me about film writing. Not long and I was back outside braving the chill, making my way (after a pit stop at CHa for chai tea) to the Merry Wives at Windsor. Thankfully I had a seat next to Joselyn who could explain to me what exactly it was about (Shakespeare...with puppets).

Running through the rain (I forgot my umbrella) we lined up outside studio theatre to watch live nudes, then turning down an invitation to come inside early ("I'm with two other people") we left for somewhere drier. waiting involved playing the piano (so much fun, I haven't' played in ages, especially when a random guy joined me and to a crowd of 40 we started banging out a duet). finally we were invited in, "first on ly those on the guest list" feeling like a celebrity I saw my name on the list and grabbing my + 2'w "Jocelyn grab someone" I walked in much to the admiration of my guests..."dude I can't believe your on the guest list"

Showing them my drawings in the pamphlet we waited for the rest of the crowd to trail in and once the hall was nice a full it was an hour of laughs and tears (happy tears) as we were entertained by ALL groups. I was even chosen to be spoon barer ("At this time in the quarter we like to pick someone who has grown special to us, miss Lesley Vamos, who's pictures are in the pamphlets your all holding") and choosing team Teenage mutant ninja turtles to win the night was ended with a bang!

wow I can't believe I'm still awake, I shall finish watching the choirboys, listening to the drunken party Jen's room lol, then I'll hit the sake
later days!

p.s.. check this out, I didn't know people could sing that high


Anthony said...

"holding my brand new FLURO LIME GREEN umbrella"


I can only smile (and giggle a bit)

Lel said...

its so pretty...and so is...MY NEW MEET THE ROBINSONS DVD..aggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your insanely awesome! thank you sooo much, my birthday week just keeps getting better!

Anthony said...


JocelynRoddie said...

Um, I love you.
And yes, be thankful that I was your explanation person.
"See there's this guy...and these girls...and...crap, wait...let me think..."